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 "Youth is our future, seniors is our appreciation of what we have today "

Executive summary of Sherolinnah Eang Yip Ng.  a single mother of 3 children from two husbands, she honors her mom,  Yip-Ho Ng Yuen Ming  from Dao Kow Dongguan China she passed away from liver cancer in 1984 in Canada. She is the 7th child of 10. She owned Mt. Daniel waterfront Resort in 2005-2011 on the Sunshine Coast. B.C. she I built her first house at 1920 Casino Drive in North Vancouver in 1979.   She is looking to build the first model of Lux Christian Living Upperhand Club in her hometown. (hotel style living for seniors with a school of hospitality and bible study)   We are looking for partners anywhere in the world, we provide profitable business plan.  We are building a community of seniors and young entrepreneurs working and living together.   We ask for your participation to Be a member to benefit this profitable movement.  


Sherolinnah Eang Yip Ng的執行摘要她是來自兩位丈夫的3個孩子的單身母親,她向來自中國東莞Dao Kow的她的媽媽Yip-Ho Ng Yuen Ming致敬,她於1984年在加拿大從肝癌中去世。她是10歲的第7個孩子。她擁有Mt.丹尼爾海濱度假村於2005年至2011年在陽光海岸。不列顛哥倫比亞省,她於1979年在北溫哥華的1920 Casino Drive建造了她的第一所房子。她正在尋找在她的家鄉建造第一個Lux Christian Living高級俱樂部模型。 (酒店式的老年人住宿,有一個熱情好客的學校和聖經學習)我們正在尋找世界各地的合作夥伴,我們提供有利可圖的商業計劃。我們正在建立一個共同工作和生活的老年人和年輕企業家社區。我們要求您參與成為有利於這項有利可圖的運動的成員。

The Executive Team 执行团队

Sherolinnah Eang, 叶吳秀玲

Founder, CEO and  President

Trevor A. Chan, 陳德正

Executive Shareholder, Founder/CEO of, UBC Alumni '07

Vanell Wong, 叶吳黄立婷

Executive Shareholder, UVic BusinesS Student

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Your support and contributions will enable us to organize monthly meetings for members at Trump Vancouver in BC, Canada and will help fund our mission. (Minimum donation to be included into the association is $1000 CAD - There is no maximum donation)您的支持和贡献将使我们能够为加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省特朗普温哥华的会员组织月度会议,并将为我们的使命提供资金支持。 (加入协会的最低捐款为1000加元 - 没有最高捐款额)

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We are working on forging partnerships to develop senior housing around the world, and giving international students an opportunity to gain work experience working in these projects